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A Metaphor

By: Rami Fink


why did that seagull always just stand on that disconnected section of the berlin wall?

he just stood there, one leg up, taking in the world from atop robert kennedy’s face on a slab of concrete from germany

every morning he watched, cried warnings to passersby

every night i walked past him again, and he glared at me through those glass eyes

the dusty square was his kingdom, the rubble his subjects

how did robert kennedy even get to la? why did they move that wall?

and every day it’s the same seagull always perched up there

on that disconnected section of the berlin wall


sprawled beneath his claws is nelson mandela, a zombie teddy bear, captain america, and a smiling pencil

a swastika, two connected fetuses, and some writing only the the artist could comprehend

as i sit across the street on a low wall, i lock eyes with him

i wonder if he’s some kind of symbol for something deep, a metaphor, a key to some life secret

but no. just a seagull.

an old man walks past, cigarette smoke wisps into the sky

our staredown persists and the image of a taco truck flashes through my mind

i don’t even like tacos


but goddamn that seagull and his one legged stance, his grey feathered chest

he just stood there every day, never moved, never flinched

Who is wise- he who learns- wisdom of the fathers- wisdom of the elders

By: Ozzie Jeselsohn


Ignorance is Stubbornness. Why is it,

that a person's ego can override his desire

to grasp and learn?


Like a sponge,

our minds soak up

knowledge and information.


It is the pneuma of indomitability:

a blockade around our minds,

creating a mentality that we cannot be wrong.


We are drawn to the concept

that our thoughts

are a prerequisite for understanding life.


People are not unaware.

It is the inability to learn from others.

Ignorance is false; stubbornness is too real:


“Who is wise?

One who learns from every man”.




By: Rami Fink


i like the idea of a golden record  that floats through space, outlasts time, carries the dreams of humankind, the voices of children. journeys across the cosmos, sails through the shimmering sea of stars. like a bottle tossed to sea- forty thousand years until she reaches any destination. drifting. dazzling celestial bodies look on as humanity, or something like it, voyages on to something prettier. the voyager. voyager i. and atop her crown of reflective gold plated copper, inscriptions of times past. her satellites, like arms, reaching for blazing suns, grasping for life her creators cannot achieve. she will send us on to something better. i like the permanence. man is temporary, but he has finally achieved a forever.

Shadow in the Night

By: Annabel Kermaier


A cloud slides across the moon

A shadow falls softly from the sky

and lands on padded feet

The trees stretch their aching spines

looming ever closer in the perfect gloom

Now is the darkest hour of the night


In the distance, a baby’s scream

drags overtired parents from their bed

In your room you rise from the deep of sleep

a nightmare blooming in your head

To clear it you slide open the window

and your thoughts follow an errant breeze


A bird wakes up from her perch on her eggs

to stare balefully at the shadow creeping by

It sends an invisible smile her way

She shivers and draws closer to her brood

The shadow feels her mood and slips away

It has a purpose to complete before the day


On cautious feet you leave your bed for the outdoors

Your bare toes curl in the soft wet grass

You rub your arms as you wonder why you came

In the distance an owl hoots and you stiffen

with the small animals hidden in the undergrowth

You calm, and turn your eyes to the stars


The cloud moves on, the moon is free

to drop his soft white glow on the shadow

It wavers in the sudden onslaught of light

But hardens as it comes to know its desperate plight

It speeds up, its edges blurring as they ripple

passing over the uneven ground littered with stones


You feel soothed, having turned your worries over

and turn to return to your sheets

You feel the skin on your scalp tighten

and you rush homeward as the dark becomes heavy

In the corner of your eye you see movement

and you turn your head to see who goes there


The shadow sees with hidden eyes its counterpart

your hair ablaze with the fiery stars

The shadow rushes towards you, and you turn

to see who goes there in the darkest hour

You rush towards your shadow, your feet meet

You raise your arm and the shadow follows, behind a beat


The shadow sees the tendrils of light

reclaiming the sky from the night

Instinctively it fears for its life

But then remembers you


Against the ever-brightening ground

you and your shadow are dark and strong

Since Then, Until When

By: Lara Jacobowitz


Waiting for the day when I wake up and it doesn’t hit me like a bolt of lighting

Looking for a time when I’m comfortable with the new reality

Yearning for just another hour to be together


I crave the time when I look back and every detail is sharp but now the feelings are muddled

I want to see every moment tinted yellow and forget the bad ones altogether

I need a way to keep you locked in my mind without ever fading to grey


When will thinking of your smile bring one to my face instead of tears to my eyes

When will reminiscing about those trips for ice cream finally feel sweet instead of bitter

When will remembering your advice push me to try harder instead of settling 


Two hundred and seventeen painful days later and I’m still crying

My first birthday without hearing your voice

I waited for your call despite knowing it wouldn’t come


I know that time heals but how much

Do I even want it to

Is it wrong to