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By: Rachel Halpern

Yesterday’s snow has melted off the cliffs by the river

As if never slashed by storm winds’ talons

So recently drawing sharp tears 

Dropping onto the drifts

Warm rays float down at dawn and


all over again

the world forgets 


So maybe we’ll drive across the bridge down those little roads 

Pretending like there never was a before

and the last dusting of snow will coat the islands between the streets

Like it settles on the space between us 

Like gunpowder by a worn-down fuse

Like a finger to a faded bruise


i don’t care 

we’ll make snow angels 


So make a second first impression 


Is it so bad to imagine

That I could show you me now that I’m not caught up in you

Let me Let you in

I think I can promise this


come back 

let’s do it all over again


By: Michelle Elmann


Intertwined in a state of loss and confusion

Dreaming of a blissful escape 

Trapped in a permanent seclusion

Solemnly watching others agape


I have long forgotten the sight of contentment

Or the feeling of not being alone

I am immersed in complete resentment

Deliberating what I could have done


Spare me of this desperate yearning

Why I am forced to watch you grow

I am having difficulty in discerning

The outline of your shadow


Once I became engulfed in desolation

I watched my hope dissipate 

The need for your validation

Is now beginning to abate


You found me in my misery

And promised my release

I lept and followed willingly 

Expecting imminent peace


I released the devouring despair

As my feet missed the earth

And immediately missed the glare
From the spark that gave me worth

because of you

By: Talia Berg

you were my world.

stomach turned around,

my grades went down,

but it didn’t matter.

because i had you.


you were my heart. 

i lived for you. 

i kept breathing for you.

and for the first time in a while, 

i was happy.


you were my hero.

protected me from every storm, 

made sure there was sun to keep me warm, 

and it was only then

that i didn’t feel alone.


and then you left.

my world turned around,

came crashing down,

and it all happened

because of you.


By: Brooke Kohl


Behind doors 

Behind masks 

Behind a pretense of happiness 

She hides 

Trapped by her haven 

Trapped by her own doing 

Though she longs to be free 

She’s waiting 

For that spark

Something to prove to her stubborn mind 

That she’s right 

That it isn’t so bad out there 

She tries to crawl out 

But then she’s reminded 

Of her doubts

Her fears 

She wants to turn around 

Despite the voices shouting at her 

To give it a chance 

To open up 

To follow her dream 

What could be so bad? 

But she can’t 

There’s no spark to inspire her 

Light to guide her 

Person longing for her 

So she crawls back 

Safe, until another day 

Until something

Or someone 

Comes to save her 

She’s safe 

But trapped 

She can’t see a way out 

Can’t see the bright side of things 

Can’t banish the darkness threatening to overwhelm her 

Without a spark to help her 

And give her hope

Zehava Shatzkes light pic.jpg
Zehava Shatzkes
Mia Poem.JPG


By: Mia Hahn


By: Mia Hahn

The smell of smoke gives way

To a blinding heat

As it slowly begins to




Heating up,

Compelled by its beauty,

Overwhelmed by its power.


An amber glow

Shines brightly,

But its flames

Begin to sleep


Until the heat

Is no longer there


Michelle Elmann

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