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October Writing Challenge

We called for submissions of six word short stories. Prompt: Timeless

Congratulations to all who submitted!

Winner, Arielle Levy: His silhouette still darkens the walls. 

Runner Up, Eliana Warshawsky: I've always worn a mask anyway.

The rest of our submissions appear below in the order in which they were received.

Talia Distenfeld: There will be light after dark.

Joshua Kaplan: The coronavirus pandemic will never end.

Gedaliah Dimbert: Waiting and waiting...and more waiting.

Paul Metzger: He tried. Failed. Again and again.

Samantha Pruzansky: Pace yourself, finish before the buzzer.

Eliana Birman: Since when did we lose time?

Akiva Segal: Problem







Micha Jasie: Island at sea. Untouched by man.

Daniella Lifschitz: What if tomorrow doesn't come tonight?

Allie Beckerman: Never ending, always passing, forever lasting.

Moshe Levin: Free time: always, but never now.

Liam Lewis: Screw the endless onslaught of time.

Ben Garger: Welcome home, it's been so long.

Yaffa Pressner: Treasured memories, yearning to remain forever.

Ellie Weisberg: Beauty: Everlasting until she killed the beast.

Estee Morgenstern: It was a well known secret.

Avigail Warshawsky: They abolished time. Everything lost meaning.

Nadav Lemberger: Time of death: tomorrow. cause: Unknown. 

Marcus Moore: I wake up to empty chairs.

Rebecca Kermaier: Rain's pouring, but I stay dry.

Remi Erber: Be careful--hot soup is coming through.

Eiden Weinberg: She'll stare at the moon forever.

Ella Morgenstern: If oblivion's forever, then why try?

Nava Lacher: Hands trembling; ring gleaming. "I do."

Brooke Kohl: He unleashes the monster. Free, forevermore.

Abraham Sebrow: Different generation. The same hazel eyes.

Abraham Stelzer: Never said goodbye, now never will.

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