November Challenge

For our November challenge, we asked students and faculty to submit six word short stories in response to the prompt, "undercover."

Congratulations to our winners!

First place- Tyler Gulbach:

i dont think they see me

Runner-up- Hannah Friedman:

Buried under letters of words unspoken.

We enjoyed reading all of the submissions! They appear below in the order in which they were received.

Benjamin Garger : A cover, I am under one.

Mia Rabin: Help Wanted: FBI, 30 or older'

Gabriella Greenberg: Wearing a smile under a frown

Rabbi Daniel Rosen:

              1. "You'll never know."

                   "I'll never care!"


              2. "Night"

                  "No. Your eyes are closed."


              3. The big reveal:

                  "Ugh. More veal?"

Rabbi Yaakov Blau: Everyone knows me, or do they?

Daniella Lifschitz: His disguise fell off; he ran.

Nathan Fenster: He got caught. We got shot.


Liam Lewis: no cunning monster hides in shadows


Benjamin Fisher: I was Imposter, I was ejected.


Max Heinrich: Hidden amongst all of the smiles.


Mr. Travis Merritt: Fire scorched. Giants toppled. Saplings thrived!


Paul Metzger: Is anyone here NOT an informant?


Rabbi Simcha Willig: Trenchcoat, holster, sunglasses. Stop!! No mask. 


Mr. Mitchell Lipton: The coffin's lid was cracked open.


Moshe Levin: bombastic and stuck in circuitous mud


Marcus Moore: Ah! I dreamed I was old.

Maayan Keigher: Undercovers we sleep, undercovers they hide.

Ariella Marmon: There is one imposter among us.


Kira Reichman: We must uncover the troubler together. 


Elana Kavesh: Act normal; smile at the killer.


Ms. Elana Lefkovitz: You are smiling under your mask. 


Ms. Lauren Burstein: She pretends. He believes. It works.

Zehava Shatzkes: Picket fence, but a Crumbling home.


Ethan Silver: It's a party in the CIA.

Allie Beckerman: Nobody notices your smiles are fake.


Caleb Breda: Everyones hiding behind masks. Happy Purim. 


Moshe Nadritch: undercovers, feels like clouds, when delighted.


Jared Zimbalist: There I was and nobody knew.


Micha Jasie: My mission is over. What mission?


Ana'el Sobol: Discovered, is not, the undercover world. 


Shirah Abrahams: Skin is not my only shield.


Liorah Yaghoubzar: He acted as his mother had.


Joshua Wanatick: Their secrets are mine to spread.


Lital Glickman: He watched her; she never noticed.


Eliana Warshawsky: Magen David tucked into my shirt.


Eliana Birman: What am I even hiding from?


Yaffa Pressner: Hiding, smiling, yearning to remain incognito.


Tamar Rosenfeld: Sinking deeper undercover to find myself.

Mia Hahn: Breaking skin reveals my true self.

Gabe Greenfield: The real me’s behind the mask.


Mason Koppel: I'm not alone in hiding alone.


Rebecca Rich: everyone in life is constantly undercover


Lani Fetman: I've always been good at pretending...


Naomi Elkin: "You can't guess my secret identity"


Eitan Green: Sneaky, Unnoticed, Secretive, Unknown to all


Ms. Esther Genuth: "I love you," she told herself. 


Dr. David Sclar: Toddler revealed herself as a mirror


Dr. Yaelle Frohlich: Your laugh peeks through the mask.


Rabbi Michael Zauderer: To see, but not be seen.


Abraham Sebrow: Don't actually belong. Just a pretender.


Ilan Davidovsky: There is an imposter among us.


Michal Eckstein: she was hidden, unseen and silent


Rochel Leah Itzkowitz: Her heart beat for his insincerity.


Eiden Weinberg: He’s hiding. You’ll never know where.


Abraham Stelzer: lights, guns-Glaring; heart-pounding; BUSTED.

Rebeca Kermaier: I became my creation of me.