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Letters from our Editors-in-Chief

I first walked into room thirteen a scared freshman. I joined Kalliope because that’s what my older sister had done and because I worked on my elementary school’s literary magazine. I think I submitted one photograph that year and nothing else. 

It takes time to recognize the magic of Kalliope. As time went on, I would crave those meetings where I could express myself creatively without feeling guilty that I should be doing something more conventionally productive. Kalliope gave me the opportunity to create art from my 2AM musings. 

In the past year, I have relished getting to know people’s writing styles and quirks; I know who has incredible rhyme schemes and who writes words so soft they read like a lullaby. I’m blown away by what the staff creates because from the outside Kalliope is an unassuming club but really it is a gathering of the most talented, creative, and unique students that Frisch has to offer

I read the past three years’ letters from the editors to try to grasp what message I should be conveying but each year is so unique. This year, in spite of a global pandemic, the staff continued to work tirelessly on creating some of the best pieces I’ve ever read. Instead of meeting every other week, I had the privilege of seeing everyone’s faces over Zoom once a week where the level of effort never once waned. I’m so proud of what the Kalliope community has created, and we could not have done it without Ms. Burstein, our faithful leader, whose commitment to the magazine fuels its creation. 


We hope you enjoy the thirty-third volume of Kalliope.


Stay inspired,

Lara Jacobowitz, ‘20


One of my biggest regrets in life is not joining Kalliope, one year earlier than I did. The editorial and linguistic skills that I have gained as Short Story Editor and now as Editor-in-Chief, have led me to consider pursuing the literary arts after high school and beyond. Without Kalliope I would have never learned about the micro-community of language lovers like myself: those who voluntarily edit all of their friends’ essays because they enjoy doing so and somehow understand when and where to use the elusive comma. I was able to reconnect with this talented group every other Tuesday as we shared our ideas, writing, and reflections with one another. What was once an unfamiliar room of young, creative minds, quickly became a safe haven for those eager to share their brilliant work with the greater community. The overall strengths and weaknesses of the group quickly became apparent to me as we worked to put out some of the best writing, photography, and artwork I have ever seen. Every individual who walked into Room 13 with the intent of simply joining Kalliope, had no idea that they were in for so much more. 

 I am incredibly honored to have served as the Editor-in-Chief of Kalliope alongside Lara Jacobowitz and under the mentorship of our faculty advisor, Ms. Burstein. Although I will not be returning next year, I will forever hold on to what Kalliope meant to me and the ways in which it shaped the person I am today.


Thank You,

Samara Taubenfeld ‘20


Reflection on our year's theme: Power

It all started with Static. The theme of issue one was selected because it can be taken in a million directions and sometimes we all just feel a little stuck in our routines. When the time came to determine the themes of issue two and three, we brainstormed as a whole and wrote a bunch of ideas on the whiteboard. Words were thrown out like electricity, dynamic, attraction, and depth. We could sense a theme but nothing was coming together until the words spark and strength were thrown out. Then an obvious progression developed. 

The titles of the issues represent a progression of events, but not just any progression, rather the progression that occurs in the process of all major revolutions and accomplishments. This metamorphosis of coming to power was so familiar to us all which led to the inspiration for gorgeous pieces. Through the power of words, we were able to capture the emotions, struggles, and triumphs tied to these three themes: Static, Spark, and Strength. 

Ending off on Strength could not have been more fitting for this year. A year that tested our limits and beliefs more than any other year for countless reasons. While the Black Lives Matter movement is not referenced in any pieces, because the protests occurred after the final submission due date, it has been heavy on our hearts and on our minds. This year has made us stronger than before and will leave us feeling powerful. 

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