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For our January challenge, we asked students and faculty to submit six word short stories and/or artwork in response to the prompt, "headline."

Congratulations to our winners!

Story Winner: Michael Racer:

Extra! Extra! The End is Now!

Art Winner: Abraham Stelzer


Emma Shore: Propaganda to reel in the reader

Jordie Wanatick:  Breaking news: we found the man.  

Rabbi Tzvi Patinsky: You're watching the Frisch News Network.

Max Heinrich: The words atop struck peril within.

Michael Racer: Extra! Extra! The End is Now!

Moshe Levin: World agape at horrors of time

Benjamin Fisher: Breaking News: Covid Cure Found Recently

Shai Hahn: Dead man found in broken book

Marcus Moore: I found peace in your violence*

Jacob Lopchinsky: Breaking news, headlines are very influential.

Gabe Greenfield: Pandemic over, some rejoice, others mourn.

Abraham Stelzer: Extra! Extra! Shiriyah’s in the hospital!

Dr. Yaelle Frohlich: Five o'clock deadlines were just suggestions. 

Eliana Warshawsky: I care but it’s exhausting sometimes. 

Ms. Lauren Burstein:  An unfortunate typo kept them ignorant.

*a reference to this song.

Abraham Stelzer


Michael Racer

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