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Distance: Responses to Covid-19

The faraway monster came to visit us at the very end of February. Yet it won’t be sorcery that saves us. It’ll be science, but science takes time. This virus has overstayed its welcome by many months and we have settled into a new normal that is entirely unnatural. Smiles are hidden by pieces of cloth that we put on before leaving our houses, just like jackets. Families have been diminished without a single goodbye. Most people don’t know what to do without their jobs or friends or excursions to anyplace outside a few mile radius of their house. We sit at home logging onto our Zoom meetings, but then the day is over — and then what? This issue is the student body’s reaction to COVID-19, the release of the emotions that have been bottled up for the past 98 days, back when some of our biggest concerns were upcoming tests. We know these emotions will resonate with you because everyone has struggled. This virus is powerful, but we are all strong enough to overcome.

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