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Six Word Short Story Contest

What can you do in six words? We challenged our Kalliopeople to create six word short stories based on our theme, Cursed.

#1: A utopia built from severed heads
By Eliana Birman

#2: Ellie Weisberg: She's burning pretty draped in fire

#3: Jessica Horowitz: The widow saw her husband again.

Eiden Weinberg: I'm cursed. I'm his. I'm gone.

Ari Shichor: Caged, urgently restless, soon expecting death.

Ben Fisher: Lightning's strike; Thunder's roar; He's awake.

Amalia Waizer: Never Can I Truly Be Loved

Adi Benharush: Doomed; night struck, a legacy lost

Dani Lifschitz: Tears and blood; now I'm undone.

Eliana Birman: A utopia built from severed heads

Rebecca Kermaier: Climbing stairs in the wrong direction

Abby Tyler: her once bright future had collapsed

Lani Fetman:*DANGER*

Gabe Greenfield: Glistening, divine, temptation. Guilty? No. Enlightened.

Moshe Nadritch: There was a witch in Salem.

Naomi Elkin: ill-fated and star-crossed are my names.

Samantha Pruzansky: Black cats and misfortune, Friday 13th

Anonymous: who would have thought a fruit…

Akiva Segal: his last words: is it loaded?

Read our first issue, Cursed!

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