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Kalliope is the literary arts magazine at The Frisch School. We publish our online issues here in addition to an annual paper edition at the end of the academic year. As a staff, we meet weekly to workshop our writing and art. We welcome submissions of essays, short stories, poetry, non-fiction, photography, artwork, and cartoons. Contact for further inquiries.

Our Staff


Talia Berg

Annabel Kermaier

Brooke Kohl

Nadav Lemberger


Short Story Editors:

Nava Lacher

Chava Nagel

Caleb Ottensoser


Poetry Editors:

Rosie Fellig

Gabe Greenfield

Tamar Rosenfeld


Art Editor:

Ava Lissauer


Photography/Video Editors:

Joshua Kaplan

Zehava Shatzkes


Nonfiction Editors:

Samantha Kanner

Katie Nachmani


Microfiction Editors:

Hannah Friedman

Paige Schwartz 


Assistant Layout Editor:

Naomi Strupinsky


Copy Editors:

Eliana Birman

Meira Silver


Social Media Manager: Eliana Stein

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Burstein

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