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Kalliope is the literary arts magazine at The Frisch school. We publish online publications here in addition to an annual paper edition at the end of the academic year. As a staff, we meet bi-weekly to workshop our writing and art. We welcome submissions of essays, short stories, poetry, photography, artwork, and cartoons. Contact for further inquiries.


Lara Jacobowitz- Editor-in-Chief

Samara Taubenfeld- Editor-in-Chief

Nadav Lemberger- Print Layout

Jojo Schachter- Web Layout

Mia Hahn- Poetry Editor

Rami Fink- Photography Editor

Rochel Leah Itzkowitz- Nonfiction Editor

Elana Felig- Nonfiction Editor

Abigail Chachkes- Short Story Editor

Annabel Kermaier- Copy Editor


Shirah Abrahams 

Talia Berg

Miriam Boss

Bari Diamond

Danielle Feinberg  

Shanee Gabbay

Gabe Greenfield

Rachel Halpern  

Joshua Kaplan

Brooke Kohl

Abby Lopchinsky  

Eliana Meckler  

Noah Motechin

Chava Nagel

Mickey Steinerman