Kalliope is the literary arts magazine at The Frisch school. We publish online publications here in addition to an annual paper edition at the end of the academic year. As a staff, we meet bi-weekly to workshop our writing and art. We welcome submissions of essays, short stories, poetry, photography, artwork, and cartoons. Contact Kalliope@frisch.org for further inquiries.

Kalliope Editors

Lara Jacobowitz- Editor-in-Chief

Samara Taubenfeld- Editor-in-Chief

Nadav Lemberger- Print Layout

Mia Hahn- Poetry Editor

Abigail Chachkes- Short Story Editor

Rochel Leah Itzkowitz- Non-Fiction Editor

Elana Felig- Non-Fiction Editor

Annabel Kermaier- Copy Editor

Kalliope Staff

Shirah Abrahams 

Talia Berg

Miriam Boss

Danielle Feinberg

Rosie Felig  

Gabe Greenfield

Rachel Halpern  

Joshua Kaplan

Brooke Kohl 

Noah Motechin

Chava Nagel

Zehava Shatzkes

Faculty Adviser: Ms. Lauren Burstein

CONTACT US                                                        kalliope@frisch.org

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