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One and Two Minute Challenges

At our last Kalliope meeting of the year, we played a game. Two people stood at the front of the room and were given a one-word prompt. They then had either one minute to write a poem based on that, or two minutes to draw something based on it. We had a lot of fun! The following works are what we came up with during that challenge

Challenge #1: Money

the papers pass from hand to hand—
bridging the gap between rich and poor—
leaving behind a vile green stain
that everybody seems to ignore.
those few who notice still indulge,
falling victim that which they abhor.
all they can do is spread the word:
there’s nothing worse than wanting more.

In my pocket
Careful not to drop it
If I lose
I cannot choose
For money buys me happiness

Challenge #2: Corner

He spent his life living in corners
Three points of a hat defined him
Bow, he said, and they did
Until another came and and defamed him
And then he was sent to the coroner

Hiding in the corner 

Away from the room 

You can't help but watch and judge 

And imagine what's going on in everyone else's mind 

In your corner you can be yourself 

No one else can see 

Protected on three sides 

And on the fourth 

That's where you project your facade 

Challenge #3: Thirst

i thirst for attention
i want to drown in support
i want to drink in the knowledge that i am loved
i want the glass to be more than half empty

People have a thirst for things
academic validation 
But we should just relax 
Because we all die in the end
Everything is meaningless when we are doomed for the grave 

Challenge #4: Robot

Bereft of Heart 
And left by brain
-I ignore my endless sorrow

To serve the love
And to worship the pain 
-I am left without rapture -

People think robots are from the future 
their stiff and strict bodies and functions only something made up
but we are robots too 
and we have code i. or minds 
and we repeat the same 0s 1s 0s 1s 0s 1s every single day 
but we have one more thing than robots 
And that is our organic masks

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