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What is Kalliope?

To Our Magazine

Kalliope (kuh-LAHY-uh-pee) is the literary and art magazine at Frisch.  Here, students have the opportunity to showcase their creativity through written expression and visual arts.

What is our THEME?

This issue's theme is the In Between

Letter from the Editors

Carpool rides to school and Kalliope meetings share one thing in common. They make for great spaces to be discover our voices and share our ideas. It was during the ten minutes of our ride to school that we hashed out the plan for Kalliope this year.

Since Kalliope has been around for thirty two years, it has a distinct style. Our goal was to add our own flair to the tradition. When we decided on this year’s theme, we wanted to see how our staff could transform a concept that had very specific images associated with it and show how it could be more than what we previously thought. That combined with the fact that we are science fiction fans led us to this year’s theme of Space.

    This magazine could not have been possible without our talented staff. Their poems, stories, art, and photography are the foundation of Kalliope and we would crumble without their amazing work. We loved getting to know them through their work which they bravely shared with us, even when we had to force someone to be the person to go first. We thank them for going along with us on the ride.

    We owe our sanity to our faculty advisor, Ms. Burstein, who’s calm leadership has been a highlight for us these last two years. She lets us try out our crazy ideas, always offering helpful suggestions to ground them on Earth.

Brace yourself for the ride,

Seela Langer and Allison Gellerstein,

Editors-in-Chief of Kalliope